Why is society promoting interracial relationships?

We live in European societies that promote INTERBREEDING and we are their main target.  Interracial couples are in films, adverts, on TV and the internet.  Interracial dating sites appear on black owned websites.  Books have been written to justify it, chat shows have been aired in support of it, government statistics popularise it... all in the hope of encouraging black people to choose foreigners over their own kind.


But little is said about the self-hatred behind interracial relationships, the frequent break-ups, the high divorce rate and the two-race identity crisis of their bi-racial offspring.  Even less is said about the growing black opposition to race mixing.


What is society’s agenda?


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    Kushite Prince (Sunday, 16 December 2012 20:11)

    I think the mainstream media wants to promote IR so we lose our cultural identity. That serves white supremacy in the long run. It has nothing to do with them loving us at all! It's a ploy and black people need to wake the hell up! Having sex with whites causes confusion for black people. It makes you think they accept us as equals-----which they don't! It even creates sick things like "plantation retreats". Read this article from this website. This is truly SICK! And I can't believe there are black people stupid enough to engage in this sick and degrading behavior!

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    Request2000 (Sunday, 16 December 2012 22:42)

    IR Dating is being used as a Act Of War! Also deferring to KushitePince's comment "so we lose our cultural identity." Only they call it "Ethnic Cleansing". The Ethnic Cleansing
    as it relates to us begins at the Cradle and ends with the Grave. The first picture a African Baby will see on a Pamper box, baby food jar, most items pertaining to babies, will be a White baby. We're bombarded daily in media, movies, magazines etc..with images of White "Beauty" and White "Heroes". They use their women most effectively. Maybe KushitePrince and other Black men who were educated in the early years, by White women, can corroborate this. White female teachers, have a habit of sitting the Black males in the front of the Classroom. She will usually have on a dress/skirt, she will then sit on the her desk, right in front of them, giving them full view. It works quite well. Because black males have already been fed a steady stream, of "White is Beautiful" propaganda, almost since birth. And we're complicit in our own ethnic cleansing by telling our sons to "Respect" the White woman, the cause of Death, for many, many Black men!
    My question is WHY? Why are Black people still cutting their Own Throat in 2012?! They are the COON/TRAITORS among us. There is too much information available to US for Coons to still be laying down with and polluting their seed with the seed of their Enemy! In my opinion we need to cut those COONS out of our lives and any movement that we undertake, to try and heal our community.
    I also think Black/Coon women are more aggressive in their quest to date White men than the brothers are. A AA woman has stoop to the lowest depths of self loathing to lay down with White man. A Freak who RAPED and Decimated her ancestors for Centuries.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Monday, 17 December 2012 19:14)

    @Kushite Prince: WHITE SUPREMACY is the core of the Interracial Relationship Promotion Campaign. By dividing us, white supremacy disunites us and so we become a people who can no longer see eye to eye with each other to organise a united front to defend against white supremacy. As a divided people we are no longer a threat.

    The British Empire was built on the premise of Divide & Conquer and although we learn much about the way in which the British conquered other races, we learn little about HOW they divided these races. The method they used to cause division was to INTERBREED with other races to create children that would be loyal to THEM - the ruling power. They used their half-white offspring to act as intermediaries to spy, disrupt and to foil any attempts by their non-white relatives to fight back. Interbreeding is a WEAPON. It is used by our enemies to divide us, weaken us and to control us. It makes no difference to White Supremacy whether we enter into relationships with Europeans, Asians, Indians or (if the opportunity presented itself) Aborigines, because we are still aiding white supremacy by not having relationships with our own people.

    I read the article you posted and I was stunned by it. Our lack of love, honour and pride for our people has plunged to a new low. SICK is exactly what it is.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Monday, 17 December 2012 20:13)

    @Request2000: Out of black boys and black girls, I believe black boys are the first to succumb to white supremacy because of their gender. They develop a fondness for foreign women from an early age. The first woman a black boy sees at the beginning of his life is a black woman. She is the first woman to love him, the first woman to feed him, to care for him, to comfort him and to teach him. The FIRST relationship a black boy has with a woman is with a BLACK woman. So if a black woman MISTREATS her son due to hardship or abandonment... that is going to set the benchmark for how he will view black women in the future. When a black boy who has been mistreated by his Mother goes to school, he is likely to see a non-black teacher who is going to give him a gentle smile, a gentle touch, encouragement and attention. She is going to be a healing for his wounds. This will set the benchmark for how he will view non-black women in the future. As he grows up he will see many positive images of foreign women through television, film and advertising and will become convinced in his mind that foreign women represent beauty, kindness, love and support while black women represent pain, misery, unhappiness and ugliness. It’s like you said... “black males have already been fed a steady stream, of "White is Beautiful" propaganda, almost since birth.”

    I believe the reason why black people are still cutting their own throats today is because there are no CONSEQUENCES for the traitors among us. If we were to say to our people: ‘If you DATE OUT you GET OUT’ meaning we cut off all support by not allowing them into our homes, into our neighbourhoods, into our businesses, into our lives... they would think twice about entering into an interracial relationship. We need to impose consequences. Our people need boundaries otherwise they will continue to run wild.

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    Request2000 (Tuesday, 18 December 2012 10:09)

    @ExistinginExile: Agreed. Although, in this day and age of anything goes, our females are catching up. All you have to do is go to You Tube and our people are engaging in all manner of COONERY! The Assimilation Rights Movement had to be the Worst thing to happen to us, since Booker T. Coon Washington's "Atlanta Compromise". OBAMA and his Rainbow coalition In my opinion hit us with a Near DEATH BLOW! He is a Homosexual and a Mulatto! He has Scores of African Americans worshiping him and wanting to emulate him. Their President is a Mulatto, that must be the Way To Go. So I concur with you that Our people need to face CONSEQUENCES!We also need to EXPOSE these TREACHEROUS COONS for the TRAITORS they are! I wish we could find the Strategy OBAMA used to make our people love him. And turn it to make us love Each Other.

    I also went to the link KushitePrince Posted! African American (COONS) have STOOP so low, we don't even know how far down the Rabbit Hole Goes. COONS have taken their DEPRAVITY Main Stream. Jamie, the faggot, Foxx is playing a Slave to Leonardo DiCaprio in an New Movie, "Django Unchained". The Director is a Racist Jew Quentin Tarantino. whose favorite word in his movies is "NIGGER"!

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    Kushite Prince (Wednesday, 19 December 2012)

    @existinginexile We have to hold traitors accountable! No more sympathy for sellouts! Those days are over!

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Wednesday, 19 December 2012 18:29)

    @Request2000: Your comment concerning black people’s obsession with the mulatto Obama is rooted in our slave mentality to look up to and respect people who are not ALL-black but HALF of something else. Remember when Massa made his mulatto son overseer of the slaves? His half-white son would sit high upon his papa’s horse looking down on the black slaves chopping sugarcane or picking cotton. Black people looking up to HALF-BLOODS started on the slave plantations and it continues to the present day. Have you noticed how some black people behave around bi-racial children? They will give a child that is half European, half Asian or half Indian more attention and tender loving care than they would ever consider giving to a black child – ESPECIALLY if the bi-racial child is born from a European, Asian or Indian woman. Let us make no mistake... black people have been brainwashed into believing that children born from foreign women are PRECIOUS and therefore more worthy of love and attention than a black child could ever be. That is why Jamie Foxx finds it so easy to refer to Obama as his lord and saviour.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Wednesday, 19 December 2012 21:01)

    @Kushite Prince: Yes bro, those days of supporting sell-outs are DEFINITELY over. Sell-outs who are dating outside of our people are going to have a harder time gaining acceptance in black neighbourhoods as a result of our people rediscovering our ancestral law which forbids interracial relationships. Go back twenty years or so and the sistas were speaking out against IRs, but the brothas didn’t seem to mind... but today that has changed. The brothas are now speaking out against IRs even more so than the sistas because of this newfound knowledge.

    The question is... how do we get the message across to these sell-outs that we no longer want to see these illicit relationships in our neighbourhoods?

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    Request2000 (Saturday, 22 December 2012 22:17)

    We could start by boycotting Jamie Foxx's Racist hit piece on his Own people. Even Cat Williams, who is doesn't play the most flattering roles, criticized the movie and Foxx for playing it. He said the phrase F-U Nigger is said 170 times in the "Movie". The Crakkkers aren't going to the story from the Slaves point. But from their own White Supremacist pov. From the 60s when Blacks first started appearing in, so called, "normal" roles as apposed to the traditional Coon roles, we've been backsliding. Until this peice of COONIVERY!

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Sunday, 23 December 2012 01:48)

    @Request2000: BOYCOTTING sell-outs is a PRIORITY. The wealthy among us are doing our people a great disservice by helping white society portray us as VIOLENT (Training Day), HEARTLESS (Precious), SUBSERVIENT (The Help), DISLOYAL TO OUR OWN (Hitch), LOYAL TO THEM (Red Tails) and a people who yearn to be like, look like, walk like and talk like WHITE PEOPLE (The Wendy Williams Show).

    Sell-outs DO NOT CARE one jot about tearing down their own people just for fame and fortune, so boycotting them alone is not going to make much of a difference because those MONKEYS will keep on dancing for the ORGAN GRINDER irrespective of there being an audience or not, so what we need to do is BOYCOTT the ORGAN GRINDER as well... because MONEY means EVERYTHING to the ORGAN GRINDER. I personally DO NOT support ANY sell-out I come across in my everyday life or those in the spotlight because they are helping the ‘powers that be’ to DESTROY black unity. In regards to sell-out celebrities, I watch to see which companies are SPONSORING them and then I boycott the product. For instance, NIKE sponsors Kobe Bryant who apparently said that the qualities he looks for in a wife could never be found in a black woman... and so I do not buy NIKE products and I discourage my younger relatives from buying NIKE products. If we ALL did that, NIKE would soon get the message that sell-outs are not selling for them anymore.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Sunday, 23 December 2012)

    @Request2000: Sis, I cannot comment on the film Django... truth be told, when I first heard about it I was looking forward to going to the cinema to see it. I was under the impression that the character played by Jamie Foxx was going to be a STRONG character who didn’t take any crap from Ole Massa and the like. Tarantino’s films are unpredictable and I like that unknown aspect in films, I like the fact that I cannot second guess what is going to happen. Yes, Tarantino’s scripts tend to be littered with the word NIGGER... but Spike Lee uses the words NIGGER & CRACKER in his scripts... so where do we draw the line? If our people are doing it, then we need to target them first, otherwise the word ‘Hypocrisy’ takes centre stage.

    BTW where did you come by the information that Tarantino is a “Jew”? I’m quite sure he’s Italian.

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    Request2000 (Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:26)

    @KushitePrince: "We have to hold traitors accountable! No more sympathy for sellouts! Those days are over!" AGREED 100%!

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    Request2000 (Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:35)

    @ExsistingInExile: I agree with KushitePrince. We should SHAME THEM and SHUN THEM! Not run after their half-breed children like they are some NEW IMPROVED version of BLACK PEOPLE! I don't know exactly how to get it to catch on though. Our people do have a way of finding each other. For example, when young black males started wearing White Tees, they did it across the Globe. I don't know how we all always know what each other are doing Worldwide, but we do. I feel a whisper among our people that WE are TIRED of this IR GENOCIDE! In each of our communities World Wide we can start A BACK TO BLACK MOVEMENT!

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Sunday, 23 December 2012 14:53)

    @Request2000: Society promotes interracial relationships to get us to DISUNITE as a people by making a sexual bond with other races so that we will feel ill at ease speaking against foreigners let alone fighting against them... but we have failed to notice how black people in black relationships are also contributing to our disunity by supporting interracial dating. Shaming and shunning those who enter into illicit relationships should happen as soon as they BEGIN to entertain THOUGHTS of dating outside of our people, but instead we speak against them AFTER they have settled into our neighbourhoods with their foreign partners and have had bi-racial children. By that time they are firmly rooted and will simply ignore us. We need to show our displeasure way before that happens.

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    Request2000 (Sunday, 23 December 2012 22:19)

    @ExistingInExile: Jamie Foxx is a homosexual, so even having him play the Role is a slap. Jamie Foxx probably goes up to that "Plantation Retreat" and that's how he will play his part. I heard a while ago that Tarantino was a Jew. Jews are in all Nations, Russian Jews, Polish Jews, Black Jews, like Whoppi Goldberg and Sammy Davis Jr. So why couldn't the be in the Italian Race too. Jew-wish can be a Race or a Religion. Plus Tarantino looks like a Jew. He also used Blacks to escalate his career. Tarantino is not going to make a movie that in any way compliments Blacks. A Crakkker will never make a Truthful, or positive movie about Slavery, or anything related to Blackness. Especially that RACIST POS Quentin Tarantino! Any movie associated with Our history should be written by a Progressive Black Person. We know that's never going to happen. So the Movie will probably be on the order of "The Help" "The Color Purple" just another Blackploitation movie. They'll also up the White abolutionist too, just to let us know how much whites have done to help our cause. You know we have to keep the love for whites alive.

    I agree that we shouldn't use the word Nigger. Or it's newly claimed variation Nigga. But the History is OURS and OURS alone. We've been through and are still going through the FIRE! Our people are in a state of mental illness, due to a lack of knowledge. And to this day we are beaten down and under a constant assualt. We are acting out against ourselves. On the other hand Crakkkers know what they MEAN when they say the Word. I don't think it's hypocrisy at all to Get Mad when a white uses the Word! Did I mention I HATE Quentin Tarantino?

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    Kushite Prince (Monday, 24 December 2012 19:44)

    @Request2000 I agree with everything you said. Tarantino is racist bastard! I hate all his films. And I can't stand Samuel Jackson or Jamie"HOMO" Foxx. Both are sellout fags!

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Tuesday, 25 December 2012 13:38)

    @Kushite Prince: I stopped by your YouTube channel yesterday because I know you always have the latest videos by conscious black people. I watched the video called ‘Do Not Do As The Demons Do Pt 2.’ Smh ~ my brotha this is just one of the many reasons why interracial relationships are so WRONG because that kind of debased behaviour is not limited to Europeans alone... Indians have also done the same thing. Images of Indians engaging in sexual acts with animals have been sculpted onto their religious buildings – they are clearly unashamed of it.

    Our people really need to STOP interbreeding with foreigners. This is SERIOUS because we are so easily influenced by foreign ways. We have already imitated their homosexual acts... WHAT NEXT? Bestiality? Perish the thought.

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    Kushite Prince (Thursday, 03 January 2013 07:54)

    @existinginexile Yes that video is by brother King Lo the Rastar. I got the chance to meet him a few years ago at a lecture. He's a very down to earth brother. He makes some excellent points in that video. I agree with you about interracial marriage/dating. Years ago,back when I was very confused--I had two Puerto rican girlfriends. But I stopped when I became more conscious and realized that black women were my natural mate. Although I never dated white or Asian women though. But I think whites have the sickest behavior of them all. We should NOT have kids with them at all. Check out a site called It shows the true nature of whites. But brace yourself--some of the sexual pics are very disturbing. It shows whites with animals!GROSS!

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    Sword of Ogun (Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:59)

    In the words of our honorable Jegna and warrior scholar Dr John Henrik Clarke he said one of his great regrets is that he didn't do more work on the affects of what he referred to as the white man's bastard. The creation of half breed bastards have been a strategy of conquerors and imperialist for 1000's of years. The purpose is to create a loyal contingent within the conquered land to keep those who are conquered confused, placated, pliable and pacified. Though these bastards may look like the conquered they in fact only play for the winning team. Therefore they are loyal to their fathers..Baba Baruti calls them buffer people. When people of power want to control the conquered they do so through their buffer people..Buffer people will make sure the conquered don't have thoughts and philosophies of unity. They also make sure the economic wealth goes to there white masters..For example Tiger Woods (who black folk just love to put on a pedestal) was found to be a serial cheater on his whiter than white wife. Now I know sisters were hoping that maybe he had woke up one day and had a deep desire to taste the sweet juices of the dark berry but alas it wasn't to be. He was cheating with white girl after white girl fulfilling his white girl fantasy. At the end of the day he was order to give this already rich white girl 100 million dollars in alimony. That is wealth taken out of the black community. The same could be said if he died and left his estate to a white woman. Then you have Garcelle Beauvais (the beautiful sister from the Jamie Foxx) that found her white knight and bared his bastards just to have him cheat and possibly beat on her (we will never truly know). Our queens are settling for knights and princes instead of standing beside their King. This works both way I know. Look at Seal..He's a dirty dog for throwing over his germanic cave wench..Bottom line as always we are at war and these are some of the tactics used to attack us. The truth is we shouldn't have to convince brothers and sisters it's in our best interest to create black families and extend of legacy but we do. Therefore let the traitors go.. Better yet make the traitors flee.. Make them and their bastards flee our presence out of sheer terror. They are cancers spreading throughout our body which is us.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Thursday, 03 January 2013 20:07)

    @Kushite Prince: Yes my brotha, I know about King Lo ~ Knowledge Wisdom and Overstanding. You seem to be in the right place to meet these conscious brothas. It’s great to know they’re sharing their wealth of wisdom.

    Prince, I know brothas who have been with foreign women and I know the reasons behind their decision to date foreign women, but like you most of them come to their senses to realise they belong with black women. Whenever I pass a brotha or a sista on the street walking with their foreign partner, I see a foreign woman putting her hands on a sista’s SOUL MATE... I see a foreign man putting his hands on a brotha’s SOUL MATE and it really has a deep affect on me because I know they are making a terrible mistake because their SOUL MATE is out there, they just don’t know it. About 20 years ago, I knew a brotha in his mid 30s who had dated white girls for most of his life. He became the father of a bi-racial son at the early age of 17. That relationship broke down and he was with another white woman when I met him. One day he recalled to me a meeting between himself and a black woman. He said he was out driving and a black woman crossed the road in front of his car and he was bowled over by her. He was smitten. It was love at first sight. He told me he used to drive around looking for her, but he never saw her again. This black woman was in his life for only a few seconds and yet he fell truly, madly, deeply in love with her... and this was a brotha who had always had WHITE WOMEN and yet it was a BLACK WOMAN who held the key to his heart.

    There are brothas who say they DO NOT have any attraction to black women at all... and would never want to go out with one... and there are sistas who hold the same views about black men... but what these brothas and sistas do not know is that their TRUE LOVE is BLACK... but they will know it and feel it when that person walks into their life... and perhaps back out again.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Thursday, 03 January 2013 20:10)

    @Kushite Prince: When we talk about not having children with Europeans, we should also talk about not having children with ANY other race of people. Although we object to having intimate relationships with Europeans, we tend to give the green light to having intimate relationships with Asians and Indians like somehow these races are just like us because they have also been victims of white supremacy, but in truth their situation is nothing like ours. Asians and Indians have nuclear weapons, we do not. Asians and Indians are just as guilty as Europeans when it comes to sexual depravity, eating things that shouldn’t be eaten, exerting power over us, mocking us and stealing our African resources. There is a new invader in Africa that is taking over from Europeans. ASIANS are building on African soil. Asian men are interbreeding with African women to create African/Asian hybrids who are going to be on their side when they finally take control. It is expected that India will follow in China’s footsteps and will move into Africa to take our resources and put our people to work. As I said in my bio... for me, racism isn’t just a black and white thing... it’s a black and white-yellow-red thing.

    I went the website you posted... I saw the home page... and I clicked off. DISGUSTING.

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    Kushite Prince (Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:03)

    @existinginexile Yes,that site is pretty gross! It's hard to look at. But that is their nature. And they want to corrupt the minds of our people in thinking this is normal behavior. That's why they push homosexuality,lesbians and transgender in tv and films. But we have to keep fighting against this immorality so our children wont be brainwashed by their sickness. Whites are trying to colonize Mother Africa as we speak. Now the Asians are trying to use the resources and land in Africa. Some Africans think the Asians will treat them better. But we have to keep our eyes on them. We can't trust anyone. What good is it to replace a white devil with a yellow devil?? A devil is a devil no matter what color he is. Black people worldwide have to do for SELF! Just like Marcus Garvey said. We can no longer rely on others to help us.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:55)

    @Sword of Ogun: As far as our ancestral law is concerned, bi-racial people should not exist among our people because we were not to procreate with other African nations and so we were definitely not to interbreed with other RACES of people. Truth be told, I should not exist because my mother is bi-racial and that wasn’t supposed to happen. But when we lose the Law, we lose our ability to discern RIGHT from WRONG.

    HYBRIDISATION is something that needs an in-depth study to see the ramifications upon our nation. It is very unfortunate that Dr John Henrik Clarke didn’t expound upon this subject of self-inflicted genocide because we are not viewing it as the serious crime that it is. Hybridisation destroys us from within. Europeans know of the damaging affects of interbreeding. They know how to keep their own race safe, secure and UNITED while destroying the safety, security and UNITY of other races. When they promote interracial relationships between black people and foreigners it is to make us believe that Europeans are no longer racist... that racism is a thing of the past and they now accept us as equals, but in reality they are promoting these illicit relationships to DIVIDE us. Interracial relationships create enmity and resentment between black men and black women which halts our progress. Their bi-racial children present a diluted image of two races which self-hating black people use to gauge the physical appearance of black children. The good hair/bad hair, light skin/dark skin debates began when the slave master forced himself upon the black slave girl and created a hybrid offspring that was deemed more pleasing to the eye because it was HALF WHITE.

    Bi-racial people are the offspring of SELF-HATING black people and SELF-CENTRED foreigners. They have the chromosomes of two races and so we cannot fault them for switching sides the way they do because that is the way they are wired. The only thing we can do is keep them out of LEADERSHIP positions because they have divided loyalties and can sway to the left or to the right at any given opportunity.

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Thursday, 03 January 2013 22:23)

    @Kushite Prince: WOW... this is a great line: “What good is it to replace a white devil with a yellow devil?? A devil is a devil no matter what color he is.”

    I recently watched a documentary about a white couple in America who had fallen on hard times and were struggling to pay their mortgage... their SOLUTION to bring money in was to go to AFRICA to dig for GOLD. They had purchased a plot of land from an African Chief but when they arrived the Chinese were mining the land and refused to listen to a word they said. It was heartbreaking to see the poor Africans standing by watching these foreign vultures swarm down on their land to dig up their gold. There is no way that I could go to the Bank of England and receive permission to enter the royal vault to take back my ancestors gold... and yet whites can make a decision, get permission and fill their hands with our gold. What is happening in Africa is tragic.

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    Kushite Prince (Thursday, 10 January 2013 02:35)

    This is a great radio interview with Umar Johnson talking about interracial couples. he was really on point!

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Friday, 11 January 2013)

    @Kushite Prince: Thanks for the link bro. I listened and I agreed with it EXCEPT for Dr Umar Johnson’s belief that everyone with an African parent is AFRICAN. With that statement he is claiming that a person with an African parent and a non-African parent is STILL AFRICAN... but that is IMPOSSIBLE. A person who has parents of two different races has 23 chromosomes from each parent. To omit one of their parents is to make them HALF of who they are.

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    Kushite Prince (Wednesday, 16 January 2013 05:14)

    I know what you mean. I have had issues about whether or not biracial/mixed people should be considered black or not. I asked a fellow blogger this question. And here was his response. Tell me what you think.

    "It’s the ancestors who decide Africanness. If you believe that the ancestors walk away from the children of raped victims, then that’s your belief. But to me, in this world, the resources are controlled by Europeans and Asians but not Africans; this makes Europeans and Asians Powerful and Africans Powerless. This disparity makes consent involuntary. Example, when you go to the store, you don’t barter for bread, you look at the price and pay it or die. It’s the same in interracial relationships. The European controls the African’s consciousness, survivability, aspirations and power: All Interracial Sex is Non-Consensual–Rape (see above.) So what of the children? Do you turn from them? To what end?

    It’s upon you to recognize that individuals must organize into organizations. These organizations must organize for their empowerment. Chances are both your friend and his lover are disorganized. In this way, neither contribute to African empowerment or liberation and neither do our collective race any justice. But, whether Multi-Racial or African, African Empowerment is the only way to uplift those parties. So it becomes that you need to concern yourself not with racial boundaries but how to improve the membership of your organizations devoted to African Empowerment. If, for instance, neither of your friends wish to organize, then you should disregard both. Esteeming one above the other for racial makeup is a misdirection of your aims. If you want to improve the condition of our people, you will welcome those who benefit from African Empowerment who will to Empower Africans. Other concerns won’t give you power, so forget them."

    What do you think?

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Wednesday, 16 January 2013 22:32)

    @Kushite Prince: When it comes to identifying bi-racial people as ‘BI-RACIAL’ or as ‘BLACK’ the debate is on-going. There are so many black people who believe in the One Drop Rule, (ODR - which was created by white supremacists to keep the white race pure) that it creates infighting between the ODR believers and those of us who know better. Black people who believe that bi-racial people are ‘BLACK’ are simply echoing the LIE that was passed down from Master to Slave. I’m going to hold off from giving my full comment concerning bi-racial people in this post, because this Sunday I will be posting an article about bi-racial people and their role in society.

    In regards to the blog post, these two sentences caught my eye: “The European controls the African’s consciousness, survivability, aspirations and power. All Interracial Sex is Non-Consensual-Rape.” Although I completely agree with the first sentence – because we are definitely controlled and conditioned to do the things that foreigners induce us to do... I cannot say that I agree with the second sentence – because there are instances whereby two different races of people will give their consent to copulate and so it isn’t always rape. My view is that “Interracial copulation is a sexual aberration.” Hey, that rhymes ~ LOL.

    The blogger goes on to ask three questions: “So what of the children? Do you turn from them? To what end?” I will be addressing these questions in the new article that will be posted on YouChoose.

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    Kushite Prince (Thursday, 17 January 2013 01:56)

    @existinginexile Good answer. I look forward to your post. It should be interesting.

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    Philosophia (Saturday, 26 January 2013 16:59)

    Interracial relationships are largely representative of the same socio-political dynamic that they have always represented where Black people are concerned---control, manipulation, confusion, and genetic destruction. Arabs preceded even Europeans in designing and constructing this agenda, but I am unaware of ANY race on the planet that has not either attempted direct aggression against our existence or willingly taken advantage of the status quo which has persistently strived to see us remain at the bottom. I, too, have witnessed the ongoing attempts in the media to “normalize” the separation of the Black woman and Black man. I sensed years ago that the goal was to keep Black people as far apart as possible because in accomplishing this mission, they (nonblacks) are able to sustain the same global structure in which we are pushed off the planet, and subsequently, our Creator-granted identities and resources are stolen. The M.O.?----concoct hostile images of the wholesale abandonment of the Black woman by her men….at every opportunity, ensure that she sees the very product of her own loins choke the life out of her natural (unmixed) beauty, dignity, self-respect, and very spiritual and genetic existence.

    If this hostility is internalized and perpetuated enough, it will give way to weak-minded negro females who will either grow resentful of her men, falsely believing nonblack men are their saviors/light “knights,” OR devil-minded females who will simply use these images to do what their self-hating spirits have already been urging them to do---jump ship and produce those nonblack lives they so cherish above their own. It seems folks are convinced that respective decisions (read CHOICE) to mate with nonblacks places involved individuals in the same category as those direct victims who brought the mixed ones here under the gun. This is not to blame everything on the mother principle, because the reality is, whenever a community is initially compromised, it is done so at through ego-ruled, masculine energy; it is sustained through feminine energy. After all, who is in the undeniably powerful position of being our first teacher? The ego is easy to destroy and manipulate; you move it, and you are able to work on the true force that socializes and trains a nation to function as it does. Black women in the States claim that approximately 70 percent (or greater) of Black children are being raised by single mothers because of the failure of Black men to step up to the plate; they say these males are worshipping the nonblack female image over the Black mother. What’s incredible to me is the blinding pretense that we cannot offer up explanations when the stark “reality” is that most of the males are coming up under THEIR/our tutelage! Blatant rejection of our natural image as well as openly telling our sons and daughters not to bring a dark woman/man home are the “silent” killers of Black sanity and love. Yet, we claim to be unable to know the deal?!!

    We have entirely too much readily available historical evidence in front of us to believe that we are deceived. Our ancestors were perhaps deceived; we, however, are not. You cannot clearly witness the same beast (in all of its forms) come right to your front door and chew off your arm but then deny knowing that it has sharp teeth. It’s simply impossible. Demonstrative of a problem that extends beyond the Black race is this undeniable tendency to defend the ‘devil.’ As a whole, we loudly, lovingly and patiently tolerate the sickest of atrocities in the name of God, Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, etc., often priding (and deluding) ourselves on being paragons of “virtue,” but the call to stomp out self-destruction and hatred is often met with our deafening silence. This is what promotes our susceptibility to these sick games. Laziness. Selfishness. Unwillingness to call a spade a spade. Failure to get off our asses and LAUNCH! It is easy to indict nonblacks because they are readily identifiable as direct beneficiaries of the end game; however, until we identify the beast within and be absolutely willing to destroy it, nothing and no one outside our race collective can ever permanently and rightly be convicted of the heinous crime to breed and bump us off the planet. The answer?....again….go back…..all the way back and find out what made us vulnerable. Be absolutely sure to connect every dot, and be absolutely sure to reveal those truths to our children and our people----the legacy of self-hate that has lead to this madness will no longer be tolerated or rewarded, here or in the “great beyond.”

    [Sorry for being so long-winded but nothing infuriates me like unnecessary, extended suffering, and what has happened to us all over the globe can NOT have happened without our (male and female) assistance!]

  • JimdoPro

    existinginexile (Monday, 28 January 2013 23:26)

    @Philosophia: The aim of our foreign enemies is to keep black males believing that black females are unattractive, unintelligent, unsupportive, troublesome, angry, loud, loose, miserable, cantankerous, insulting and irrelevant. Black women are constantly vilified, while foreign women are for the most part glorified. A black woman must not be seen in a positive light... unless of course she is in the company of a non-black man or shows herself dissatisfied with her natural self. WEAVE-WEARING sistas will always make it onto the screen because they present an image of black female self-hatred. The WEAVE has become the PASS that black women need to climb the ladder of success.

    When I switch on the TV I will see brothas in dramas smiling with delight at being in the company of foreign women, caring for foreign women, loving foreign women... but at no time are they permitted to show such tender loving care to black women. British TV producers do not want to show BLACK LOVE because by showing black love they will be promoting BLACK UNITY which is not allowed. The image they want to show is interracial “love” an image that causes DIVISION between black men and black women... and they are promoting that image with GUSTO! Why? Because they can no longer cause division through their RELIGION, which has been the sledgehammer they’ve been using against our people for centuries to keep us subservient to them, loyal to them, loving them and adoring them no matter the crimes they joyously commit against us. But now that their evil religion and ALL religions have been exposed for the LIES they are, the sledgehammer has slipped from their hands and they are too weak to pick it up again because we have rediscovered our Ancestral Laws which COMMANDS Black & Black Love and FORBIDS Interracial Lust. We are quite aware of the sound reasons for this Law because it flows in harmony with the rest of creation and so it makes perfect sense not to interbreed.

    Because of our new awakening, society has no choice but to up the ante on promoting interracial relationships, especially since black men are now voicing their displeasure at seeing black women with foreign men. Society had no problem at all when the brothas were on their side in agreeing to reject the sistas for foreign women, but now that the brothas have experienced rejection themselves, they now see things from the sistas perspective. It’s a whole different ball game from now on because we know exactly what society is doing with their interracial promotional campaign and we know it is of no benefit to black men or black women or black unity.

    Interracial relationships between black people and foreigners only exist because we allow them to. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement: “...nothing infuriates me like unnecessary, extended suffering, and what has happened to us all over the globe can NOT have happened without our (male and female) assistance!”

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